Note**  The other players are program modules  designed to follow the rules. They can't see  each other's hands - really.

your partners play style is to: play the best card in hand; lead with Aces;  try to lead in trump;Lead with winners; On a No-trump - will sacrifice a winner to avoid  the "can't get back" problem. Uses your  previous lead(s) to figure how to get back.

Your opponents' style:  ………….....

How To Play -Basically, You are one  of  four players,  the others are computer programs designed to follow the rules. As the Human player ( you ) always get the bid..

Deal - The Deal button Re-Deals a new hand. Checking the "FaceUp" check box enables you to see the other players cards (and the kitty)

Bidding - Enter (BID, DIRECTION,  TRUMP) then click "My Bid" to enter your bid. Otherwise you'll get the  "Enter Bid (Num,Dir,Trump)" Board  message

Kitty -  Use the check box to select your six (6) DISCARDS, then click  "Here's my Discards". Otherwise you'll get the "Enter Six Discards" Board message

Playing - You click on your card when it's your turn; If your hand contains a cards in the lead suit, then the card played must follow suit otherwise you'll get the Enter: Card in lead suit  Board message

The   "Rake'EM" is   used to clear the board.

 The Game will time out after 2 minutes of idle time. .

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